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Our little rising star

Let me be the proud papa for a moment and share with you Ruby’s performance she gave last weekend.  She worked really hard and was casted as Agwe (the god of water) for her schools rendition of Once on the Island. And as Agwe she got to sing a solo.   It was a family affair too as Jennifer signed up to be the assistant director and I did the make up for all the gods.   It was challenging at times, but we enjoyed every minute of it.   So if you’d like, take a moment and enjoy a few highlights I’ve posted.  

close up

On the water

These set of work is done primarily with a brush pen, followed up with markers and ending with white paint for highlights.  Trying to mimic woodblocks. 

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Montana Sketches

Had the great pleasure to drive the family out to Montana this summer.  Here are a few landscapes of Yellowstone and the Livingston area.  

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