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Hello.  I'm Frank

Currently I work as UX Designer who focuses on Visual Storytelling .  Over the years I've worked for companies like Disney, EA, Wild Brain and now currently with Chase Banks digital department. 

I bring a multitude of skill sets to any project, and love teaming up with small nimble teams to explore new ways of create beautiful works of matter what the medium. 

My current focus is storyboarding, character design and building out animatics. 

When not working or drawing, you can find me  --

- with my family, (2 kids, 2 cats, 1 wife)  

- playing guitar,  (acoustic guitar & bass)

- firing up the bbq's (come on by)

If you have a project in mind,  or just want to chat, drop a message on my LinkedIn account or an email down below.  Always love meeting new people and I promise to get back to you.  Hope to hear from you. 


*Some pages are password protected.  Please email me to gain clearence.